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Due to Covid 19, our annual fundraiser, St. Patrick’s Parish Trouters Special Draw had to be postponed.  We ceased selling our tickets and also doing our weekly draw.  Our first and second weekly draw winners were Carol and Jason Slade – March 11, ticket # 0620 & Krista Power – March 18th, ticket # 1830.

We have been in touch with the lottery board and obtained a new draw date of Friday, July 31st at 12:00 Noon.  At this time all remaining draws will take place.

12 Draws of $1,000.00

1 Draw of $10,000.00

There is a seller’s prize  of $500.00 for the seller of the $10,000.00 ticket.

TOTAL PAYOUT ON JULY 31 ……..$22,500.00

With many restrictions still in place it is very hard to sell the remaining 350 tickets.  If you are interested in purchasing a ticket, please call the parish office at 754-1195 or email us at You can book your ticket and we can arrange for payment when our office opens or we could  deliver  your ticket to you.

We thank you for your continued support.  Good luck to everyone!