Christmas Mass Schedule

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6:30 PM – Carol Singing

Mass – 7:00 PM & 10:00 PM



Mass – 10:00 AM



Mass – 5:00 PM


Mass – 10:00 AM



Christmas Eve Mass – 7:00 PM

New Year’s Eve Mass – 7:00 PM

Ticket sweep winners…..

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The winners of the St. Patrick’s Ticket sweep are:
Paul Wadden 1st Place – $2,500.00 cash
Shane Cluett 2nd Place – $1,500.00 gift cert. and gift cards
Pat Webber – 3rd Place – Print by Heather Maloney
Thank you to all who supported our fundraiser

Grand in Your Hand

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Once again in October we will be commencing our Grand in your Hand sweep for nine months.  There will be a monthly draw of $1,000.00 taking place the last Saturday of each month. We hope to sell 225 tickets per month at a cost of $10.00 each. If you are interested in selling tickets each month, please contact the parish office at 754-1195.

Legion of Mary

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The Legion of Mary is a spiritual association whose mission is prayer and active service for God.  This service includes visiting hospitals, senior citizens homes, funeral homes and other venues as requested.  These visits may include praying the Rosary and/or simply offering comfort to those in need.  The Legion of Mary offers prayers for those in our Parish Community as well as for all who ask for prayers.  They also distribute rosaries, medals, prayer cards and other devotional material.   They meet on Monday evening at 7:00 PM at the Parish Room of St. Patrick’s Parish.  New members are always welcome.  For more information call 754-1195.

Trouter’s Special Draws

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Our first draw for Trouter’s Special Draw Sweep took place today, March 14.  The winner was Paul Abbott # 01278.  Drawn by Fr. Pat Power and witnessed by Mary Skinner.  Congratulations Paul!  Still lots of chances to win.  Drop by our office and pick up a ticket.

Our second draw took place on March 21st.  The winner was Victoria, Elizabeth, Joan & Leslie Howard.  Ticket #@ 01916   Drawn by Fr. Pat Power and witnessed by Maureen O’Brien.  Congratulations!!!!!

Our third draw took place on March 28th.  The winner was Mike Lush.  Ticket # 01607.  Drawn by Fr. Pat Power and witnessed by Kelly Skinner.

Our forth draw took place on April 4th.  The winner was Stephen Coombs.  Ticket # 00336.  Drawn by Fr. Pat and witnessed by Regina Slaney.

Our fifth draw took place on April 11th.  The winner was Lorraine Murphy.  Ticket # 01385.  Drawn by Fr. Pat and witnessed by Kelly Skinner.

Our sixth draw took place on April 18th.  The winner was Bernadette & John Fifield.  Ticket # 01512.  Drawn by Fr. Pat and witnessed by Ronnie Doyle

Our Seventh draw took place on April 25th.  The winner was Eleanor Fitzpatrick.  Ticket # 01635.  Drawn by Fr. Pat and witnessed by Elizabeth Nelson.

Our Eighth draw took place on May 2nd.  The winner was Alice Brocklehurst.  Ticket # 02223. Drawn by Fr. Pat and witnessed   by Alex Hoskins

Our Ninth draw took place on May 9th.  The winner was Patsy Leonard.  Ticket # 00931. Drawn by Fr. Pat and witnessed by Ronald Doyle.


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St. Patrick’s Parish Trouter’s Special Ticket Sweep
We are currently in the process of selling tickets for our Annual Fundraiser – Trouter’s Special. This is a major fundraiser for our Parish and covers the many expenses we have. Great prizes – 9 weekly draws of $1,000.00 commencing March 14 with the grand drawing on May 16th of 5 prizes of $1,000.00 and one draw of $10,000.00. Tickets are $20.00 each and are available at our Church and Parish Office. If you are interested in purchasing a ticket you may call 754-1195 or email

Renewal Plan Update

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The implementation of the Archdiocesan Renewal Plan, “A Promise of New Life…Courage to Renew” has begun. We have hired a full-time Coordinator, Mr. Peter Whittle and a new Implementation Committee, with Monsignor Francis Puddister as Chair and Dr. Rick Singleton as Co-chair, in moving the challenging process forward.  Discussions in the first Zone – St. John’s East (St. Pius X, Mary Queen of Peace, St. Paul’s and St. Francis of Assisi) are going very well. We will begin work with the Mount Pearl – Gould’s- Petty Harbour and CBS zones in January. Your support of this process will ensure the renewal of pastoral life in our Archdiocese. We pray for the courage and guidance of the Holy Spirit and thank all of those involved in the planning and implementation process for their dedication. For more information and further updates go to

Stormy Weather

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To avoid confusion to those who attend weekday Mass, we have decided that if the schools are closed we will cancel the 9:30 AM Mass.  For the 7:00 PM Mass on Tuesday and weekend Masses, the decision concerning Mass will be forwarded to the radio station and our parish answering service and website will be updated.


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The Committee has completed its review of the comprehensive feedback received from the recent 17 Parishioner’s Consultation meeting held within the Archdiocese.  The verbatim feedback is organized as it relates to the same six question asked at each meeting and therefore allows for better understanding for the overall responses to the six questions raised across the nine Pastoral Areas.  This Parishioner’s feedback report will be available on the Archdiocese Website at during the week of March 27, 2017.  Please visit this website to become updated on the results.