Grand in your Hand winners….

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Winner for the Month of October is Christine Tobin

Winner for the Month of November is Susan Thistle

Winner for the Month of December is Madonna MacDonald

Winner for the Month of January is Jason Tibbo

Winner for the Month of February is Ed Hunt

Winner for Month of March is John Boone

10 Annual Dinner & Auction

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On Wednesday, April 18th, 2018, we will celebrating our 10th Annual Dinner & Auction.  Our theme this year is “Milestones” as we celebrate our 10th Anniversary Dinner, 10 years of Archbishop Currie in this diocese along with his 50th Anniversary of Ordination to the Priesthood!


Last year’s event was a great success and allowed the Archdiocese to continue and improve its many Outreach Programs. We need your support to make this year’s event the most successful ever!  Donations for the silent and live auctions please contact Anne Marie Curran at 726-3660, Ext 227.  Thank you for your support!



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Congratulations to the following children who celebrated the Sacrament of Reconciliation:

Carter Edison, Alexa St. John, Rebecca Bishop, Lily Brocklehurst, Drew Williams, Aidan Cochrane-Legge, Emma Coffin & Cassandra Dirchfield

Golden Jubilee of ordination to the Priesthood

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The Archdiocese of St. John’s invite you to come and celebrate a Mass of Thanksgiving on the special occasion of Archbishop Currie’s 50th Anniversary of Ordination to the Priesthood on Friday, May 11th, 2018 at the Basilica of St. John the Baptist at 4:00 PM. Reception to follow at The Gathering Place.  All are welcome!

Judgement finds Archdiocese not Liable

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In a judgement released March 16, 2018, the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador determined that the Archdiocese of St. John’s was not liable for abuse committed at the Mount Cashel Orphanage by certain members of the Christian Brothers religious order.

In a 174-page comprehensive ruling issued by Mr. Justice Alphonsus E. Faour, the Court carefully analysed each and every potential ground concerning liability before concluding that the evidence disclosed that the Orphanage had been operated exclusively by the Christian Brothers, and that no evidence existed that the Archdiocese had either knowledge of any widespread abuse or that it had any direct control over the Orphanage.

The Archbishop of St. John’s, Martin Currie, made the following statement:

“While the Archdiocese of St. John’s was never responsible for the operations of the orphanage or the school at Mount Cashel, we have immense sympathy for those who suffered in the past and continue to suffer, as a result of abuse.  We ask for prayers for all those involved in this sad matter.

There is no winner in this type of court case. All the Plaintiffs in this case were deeply wounded by their experience and to that extent my heart is heavy for their pain and suffering.  However, the law found the Archdiocese was neither vicariously liable nor negligent for the operation of Mount Cashel and the actions of the Christian Brothers.

This judgement has profound significance for all the parties involved.  We hope this is the end of the court process.”

Archbishop Currie says the Church has been and will continue to be there for the victims of abuse of any kind.

“We continue to move forward, focused on our daily work of building God’s kingdom through service, word and worship.”


Trouter’s Special Draws

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Our first draw for Trouter’s Special Draw Sweep took place today, March 14.  The winner was Paul Abbott # 01278.  Drawn by Fr. Pat Power and witnessed by Mary Skinner.  Congratulations Paul!  Still lots of chances to win.  Drop by our office and pick up a ticket.

Our second draw took place on March 21st.  The winner was Victoria, Elizabeth, Joan & Leslie Howard.  Ticket #@ 01916   Drawn by Fr. Pat Power and witnessed by Maureen O’Brien.  Congratulations!!!!!

Our third draw took place on March 28th.  The winner was Mike Lush.  Ticket # 01607.  Drawn by Fr. Pat Power and witnessed by Kelly Skinner.

Our forth draw took place on April 4th.  The winner was Stephen Coombs.  Ticket # 00336.  Drawn by Fr. Pat and witnessed by Regina Slaney.

Our fifth draw took place on April 11th.  The winner was Lorraine Murphy.  Ticket # 01385.  Drawn by Fr. Pat and witnessed by Kelly Skinner.

Our sixth draw took place on April 18th.  The winner was Bernadette & John Fifield.  Ticket # 01512.  Drawn by Fr. Pat and witnessed by Ronnie Doyle



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St. Patrick’s Parish Trouter’s Special Ticket Sweep
We are currently in the process of selling tickets for our Annual Fundraiser – Trouter’s Special. This is a major fundraiser for our Parish and covers the many expenses we have. Great prizes – 9 weekly draws of $1,000.00 commencing March 14 with the grand drawing on May 16th of 5 prizes of $1,000.00 and one draw of $10,000.00. Tickets are $20.00 each and are available at our Church and Parish Office. If you are interested in purchasing a ticket you may call 754-1195 or email