Living Faith Resource- Each Sunday, the Living Faith resource will be available to all who wish to take it home.  It is based on the liturgical year, and will offer a reflection on the Sunday Gospel, some catechesis for people of all ages, and formation into the teachings of the church. It will serve to enrich our faith.

Living Faith will be a way for all of us to continue to grow in faith and discover the beauty of the God’s word. It will also serve to help refresh and strengthen our understanding of Church teachings. There will be a monthly gathering for families in each parish, which will be a chance to come together, celebrate and engage in activities that deepen our understanding of the Gospel.


Sacramental Preparation- Sacramental Preparation for the Sacraments of Confirmation, Eucharist and Reconciliation will take place primarily through the Sunday Liturgy. Focus sessions for sacramental preparation will be offered for the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist and Reconciliation. Registration for these sacraments will take place during the month of September.  Please call the Parish Office for further information.